How to Provide Proactive Customer Service (and Why You Should Too)

More than ever before, modern customers expect the highest level of service. With that, identifying strategies to satisfy (or even exceed) customer demands has become a necessity to maintain customer loyalty. Perhaps the most effective way to ensure you retain your customers is to deliver proactive support. In other words, you should aim to address customer needs before a customer identifies the problem and approaches your support team.

Proactive Customer Transcends Expectations

Traditionally, businesses offer reactive customer service to their customers; that is, having the customers contact the support team when an issue emerges. On the other hand, proactive customer service is a business or brand’s ability to go beyond what is expected.

At Copart, we offer proactive customer service before our Members ask for or know they need it. For instance, we opened Copart lounges at Ukraine, Georgia and Russia to help international Members with the buying process from searching for vehicles to determining shipping options. These Copart lounges allow us to position ourselves in front of our international buyers without having to wait for them to come to Copart’s U.S. team with potential issues.

Beneficial Impacts of Proactive Customer Service

Proactive customer service can make a significant impact on your business or brand’s interest. Let’s examine just how these benefits can bring more success to your business.

  1. Customer Loyalty and Acquisition

Keeping customers pleasantly surprised with support can help gain customer trust and loyalty. For the most part, loyal customers want to come back and repeat business with you when their needs arise. You can also expect loyal customers to spread their positive experiences via word of mouth, which helps you expand your customer base.

  1. Control Social Media Conversation

Sprout’s research showed that 45% of consumers have gone on social channels to raise their questions or concerns about a business or brand. If you predict customer needs and have proactive customer support available, you can effectively control conversations about your business online and minimize instances in which negative comments or complaints come up.

  1. Improve Business Productivity

Ultimately, proactive customer service can also help with your internal business process. Before a concern becomes a severe problem in your business, you’ll know that you’ve addressed it properly beforehand, and have time to deal with other issues or even venture into a business area.

Proactive customer service is a win-win situation for both customers and business owners. Do you like the idea of connecting with customers? Are you ready to make the first move? Comment below if you have already thought of ways to provide your customers with proactive customer service.


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