Relationship Marketing: Build Relationships Before You Try to Sell


Relationship marketing has become increasingly critical for many brands and businesses, especially because avenues of communication between customers and companies are more open than ever before. While artificial intelligence (AI) has enabled marketers to advance more than ever, consumers today value even more basic human-level and emotional interactions. Social media is one of the most effective ways for companies to expand and maintain a personal relationship with customers. Let’s examine a few insights that Copart leverages to build positive customer relationships on social media.

  1. Reply to Comments

Just regularly posting updates or fun memes does not cut it anymore. Customers expect brands to reply to their comments actively, (a point backed by an article from Clutch). Don’t panic, though. Employees who handle social media do not necessarily have to respond to every comment, but they should pay special attention to questions and complaints. When handling an inquiry, it is important to direct your followers to the right places: teams or web pages. When faced with complaints about company products or services, reply to the message in public if the answer is simple. Responding to negative complaints in public shows that your brand is authentic and trustworthy. However, if the situation is more complicated, it’s probably better to send the customer a private or direct message. That way you can protect the customer’s privacy look at their situation in more detail.

  1. Respond to Direct Messages Quickly

Customers expect brands to reply fast on social media. Typically, brands need to respond within 60 minutes before customers lose their patience. And because the market is full of competitors for pretty much any business, today’s consumers will refuse to use a company again if they receive a slow and negative customer service on social media. Customers see no reason not to receive a direct social response or assistance right away because everything is a few clicks away.

  1. Compose Personalized Messages

If possible, try to avoid only using automated messages. Always have an actual staff member follow up with tailored answers to address specific customer concerns. As a result, customers will know that you care about their problems. Sending out personalized messages allows brands to cultivate a meaningful relationship that ultimately leads to customer loyalty and sales opportunities. And it opens up opportunities for discussion and openness as well.

  1. Always Listen

Followers get frustrated when they think brands and businesses are not listening to their problems and needs on social media. To offset this, simply ensure you always listen to what your customers are saying before responding to their comments or messages. Try to be as informative and helpful as possible to save your customers’ time and ensure positive brand perception.

  1. Utilize User-Generated Content

It’s not surprising that 92% of consumers trust suggestions from average people like their friends, families and influencers more than any advertisement. User-generated content (UGC) thus encourages more engagement than typical brand-generated posts. Reposting or sharing content created by followers generates trust from potential customers which can benefit the brand, as well as the follower who created the UGC.

Do you have a positive relationship with your customers on social media? What are some other ways do you use to build a customer relationship on social media? Let us know in the comments section below!

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