Artificial Intelligence Marketing: The Way of the Future

As we approach a new decade, there’s an increasingly noticeable change in the way we interact with new techno gadgets, social platforms or marketing trends. So how does your company stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping up with modern times and staying relevant to your customer?

In this fast-paced digital world, Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AI Marketing) can drastically help your business create more effective marketing and social strategies while attracting more leads to your brand.

What is AI Marketing?

Contrary to popular opinion, AI Marketing is not meant to replace humans and their jobs—it’s meant to complement them. According to independent marketing platform company, Emarsys, “AI Marketing is a method used to leverage customer data to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey.” Companies that have hopped aboard the AI trend over the last two years are even expected to spend as much as $57 billion on AI platforms by 2021.

So, what is it about AI Marketing that’s making these companies invest so much so quickly? Here are the three main reasons why AI Marketing has become so effective over the last few years:

It Helps You Understand Your Customer

AI Marketing collects your audiences’ data and creates detailed Buyer profiles which can include customers’ spending habits and other valuable insights. Utilizing this type of information can significantly improve your company’s consumer engagement experience which ultimately leads to customer acquisition and retention.

Useful marketing campaigns can be built around a specific targeted audience based off the Buyer profiles your AI platform creates. For example,, an online auto auction website, uses their Buyer profiles to effectively advertise to their Members. Copart segments their vehicles as well so they can see which Buyers prefer motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, classics, etc.

It Allows You to Observe and Address Issues Head-on

Building a strong brand is important! Companies take pride in maintaining their brands which include areas such as advertising, logo, reputation management and most importantly, customer service. AI-powered platforms such as Crimson Hexagon and Digital Air Strike allow you to closely monitor how others perceive your brand (reputation management) and identify ways to improve customer sentiment. Sentiment analysis from your AI tools provides helpful insights that can steer your business decisions and objectives in the right direction.

By isolating and addressing your customers’ feedback—positive or negative—through reviews, surveys and social media posts, you’re able to troubleshoot and get ahead of any issues they may have. This can also lead to customer retention once they see follow-up actions taking place and improvements being made.

It Boosts Your Content Optimization

Content is key in any organization and AI-powered technology can boost your company’s visibility to the right people, driving more traffic to your website instead of your competitors’ pages. Platforms like MarketMuse automate and optimize your content, then can share in-depth analyses based on the insights it’s recorded.

For example, MarketMuse recognizes the SEO keywords and strategies of your company and its competitors. It then makes recommendations on ways to effectively enhance those tactics. Utilizing this AI tool’s ability can benefit your company’s goals by drastically elevating your content and your quarterly metrics at the same time.


Whether your company is a startup or has been in business for decades, embracing AI technology is the way of the future and can work wonders to enhance your fiscal year marketing goals.

Has your company jumped on the AI bandwagon yet? Let us know all your experiences with AI in the comment section below!


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