Boost Your Business Through Content Marketing

“Content is anything that adds value to your reader’s life.” – Avinash Kaushik

As 2020 quickly approaches, companies around the globe are actively striving to ensure they stay on top of current market trends. While social media and influencer marketing have greatly impacted advertising strategies, content is the secret ingredient to acquiring new customers and retaining your loyal ones.

It’s not uncommon for companies to produce vast amounts of content aimed at their consumers. And while increasing sales is always at the forefront of content strategies, the most successful content marketing isn’t as “salesy” as one might expect—rather it’s surprisingly entertaining. For example, Copart Community (Copart’s online blog) impacts thousands of Members through trending content. And while some of that content is sales-related, many articles delve into topics that interest consumers or even educate them about Copart’s bidding and buying experiences. Imagine that—an auto auction company that doesn’t just tell their consumers to bid on their car, but instead tells their consumers how to increase their chances of winning.

Content marketing is all about building a trusting relationship with consumers. Want to see what it can do for you? Here are five interesting facts about content marketing and how it can boost your business:

It’s Cost Effective

According to Content Marketing Institute, producing online content is significantly cheaper than other traditional marketing methods, provided you have a content team. While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it can generate more than three times as many leads! However, it’s important to note that cheap content isn’t necessarily the best content. If you’re sourcing content, quality is going to cost more.

Content Makes Communication Easy

Most B2B marketers prefer using content as the initial piece of their marketing strategy. In fact, in a recent survey by Marketing Charts, 92% of marketing professionals believed that content plays an important role in their decision-making process. fast and easy method of communication for companies to connect with customers. And, if it’s engaging enough, a good piece of content can open doors for a potential business relationship.

Higher Conversion Rates

Marketers who have adopted content marketing as their main strategy have conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than their competitors, according to content writer, Julia E. McCoy. “While content marketing requires an investment of time, money, and skill, it drives much higher conversion rates than its traditional marketing counterparts.” The higher conversion rate is most likely due to the relationship your audience can develop with your company through content.

Impactful Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor estimates that for every $1 spent, email gives back $38 in ROI and offers the broadest reach – that’s huge! Effective emails provide concise content that is personalized, targeted and delivered directly to the customer’s inbox. But what makes an effective email? Easy—the approach. Audiences don’t really respond to the “used car salesman” spiel anymore. Now it’s all about crafting a narrative for your audience. Instead of telling your consumers to buy something, show them how buying your product could change their lives. It’s a small adjustment, but a change in approach makes a huge difference.

Content Surpasses Ad Blockers

As of 2015, 200 million+ customers use ad blockers when browsing the web. Since those customers aren’t going to see ads anyway, the best way to reach them is through content. Good content is something that consumers want to interact with, which makes it the most effective and inexpensive marketing strategy for companies around the world. Take the Purple mattress commercials, for example. Instead of trying to do a sales pitch, they instead created a narrative around Goldilocks evaluating the best mattress. You wouldn’t necessarily think people would enjoy an ad, but it’s evident that the company is establishing a positive ethos with their costumers based on the comments on their YouTube video.


How have you effectively used content marketing in your company’s strategy? Let us know in the comments below!


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