How Mobile Apps Have Impacted the Automotive Industry

You wouldn’t necessarily think mobile apps would have a strong impact on the automotive industry, but they’ve made a significant change in the way consumers purchase and use their vehicles. Consumers rely on apps like Copart Mobile App to search for cars and compare various brands and prices (a practice that usually leads to a purchase), thus establishing them as an essential influence. Being able to research and shop from the comfort of their phone allows consumers to save precious time.

In fact, automotive mobile apps help simplify and streamline the entire buying process for consumers. In a survey of 1,500 individuals looking to buy a car, roughly 72% claimed to use their mobile devices at a point in their car purchasing journey. With mobile apps, consumers are able to search for cars on the go and understand more about them than ever before.

Companies like Newton Nissan of Gallatin, Tennessee have taken charge of mobile apps and found a way to improve their customers’ dealership experience, leading to more service appointment bookings and increased sales. Their mobile app also increased customer retention by offering loyalty rewards, coupons and click-to-call features for service and roadside assistance.

Mobile apps also exist to help change the driving experience in different ways. Usually when you think of mobile apps, the first ones that come to mind are music-related or navigational apps. However, there are also apps that fight distracted driving and control entertainment systems, navigation and pollution indicators. For example, BMW’s Connected North America app has an in-app locking and unlocking function. You could forget your keys and still be able to access your car from your phone. Another well-known mobile app is Summon, which allows Tesla drivers to move their vehicle forward or backward.

Who knows what the future will bring? Tech Jini suggests further innovations, including exchanging information such as road conditions, current speed, location and performance with other vehicles to avoid accidents, manage parking and traffic flow. We’re even seeing early versions of this when using certain navigation applications that adjust your arrival time based on road and traffic conditions. Some even recommend alternative routes while you’re driving to save you from sitting in traffic all day.

What kind of mobile app would you create to help shape the auto industry? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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