5 Ways Digital Marketing Helps Sell Cars

The internet has redefined how businesses sell products to consumers around the world. As industries (specifically in film, retail, pharmaceutical, food and construction) find new ways to impact society with the advancement of technology, we can all agree these advancements are impacted at least in some way by digital marketing.

Let’s analyze the automotive industry as an example—here are five ways digital marketing helps sell cars:

Social Media

Where can a car be seen besides visiting a dealership or navigating a website? Social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give businesses the advantage to share content with millions and millions of potential buyers. For example, let’s say somebody is looking for a Honda. The shopper finds a dealership’s social media account and likes what they see so much, they decide to share that content with their friends. As a result, the car dealership’s sales on Hondas suddenly increases without them running any official promos, ads or specials. The power of social media is something that cannot be measured—who knows, your post could even go viral.

Email Marketing

Promoting newsletter and email campaigns can be very effective for many dealers and automotive businesses. Buyers are generally not always aware of their needs until they face them. Advertising a vehicle via email can spark the interest of somebody who was not previously looking to buy a vehicle. For example, a potential buyer who was not looking to buy receives an email or newsletter that features a beautiful and shiny Honda Civic that captures their attention. The potential buyer becomes so enamored with the car, they now wish to acquire the new vehicle. Half of the human brain is either directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information, and an email can awaken that need.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads can help bring traffic to a website. Paying for a vehicle ad through PPC can potentially close a sale. Let’s examine this process through another Honda Civic example. A potential buyer is looking for the Honda Civic of their dreams and types the following on Google: “Honda Civics near me.” What happens next? The advertisement for Hondas that your company promoted is shown at the top of that search. The next thing you know, that person is navigating through your website and making the purchase. Investing in Pay-Per-Click ads will certainly help a purchase.


Sponsoring an influencers is another way to help your business sell a car. The influencer community primarily shares their content through video/social platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter). These influencers have large fan bases where your brand and vehicle can be introduced to millions of viewers that normally might not see it. Paying an influencer to advertise your content can help increase sales because of the trusting relationship between an influencer and their followers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improved the user experience on a website. Practicing good SEO techniques will increase the ranking of your website. This usually results in better conversion rates and bringing more customers to the site. If properly optimized, SEO techniques can lead to increased purchases, and put your site above competition.

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