Automotive Market Trends & Buying Behavior

Over the years, there has been a shift in the buying behavior of car purchasers. Technology has replaced traditional ways of advertising and web searches and materials have become easily accessible through mobile devices. Now, car searchers typically initiate a web search for car details, offers, prices and discounts before stepping foot in a dealership.

When examining a search pattern across multiple devices, data showed that 71% of digital interactions were made on handheld devices according to a study by Google. However, users who generally started a car search on mobile eventually expanded their search to desktop in order to further examine details, side-by-side comparisons and watch videos.

Car searchers tend to look for detailed information of the vehicle such as mileage, condition and user reviews on desktop devices. Good quality images and detailed auto reports, like Copart’s Vehicle Condition Reports, help advance searchers through the next step of the buying process. Desktops are more feasible for expanded searches that need time and attention to detail like examining warranty information and searching for dealerships.

How can this trend improve your bottom-line? Make sure you’re everywhere on the web and use search engine optimization, social media, apps and other engaging marketing initiatives to reach buyers. Embracing technology and implementing a multi-device search plan that utilizes each device to their strength helps reach audiences of different buying behavior, build brand awareness and continuously connect with your customers.

What kind of market trends does your company practice during the fiscal year? Let us know in the comments below!

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