Caring for the Environment in the Automotive Industry

The negative impacts of hazardous waste dumping and high carbon footprints is a large and continuously growing concern. The automotive industry is sometimes seen as contributing to this problem. However, many may not know that the automotive industry has been following green initiatives for years. There are certainly ways to be part of the automotive industry while practicing good environmental responsibility.

Many companies in the automotive industry work to reduce damage in the environment. This includes tracking sustainability efforts, reducing energy costs and increasing renewable energy use. Sustainability is one of the keys to a business’ success. Nowadays, many people are more environmentally aware and will adjust their buying habits to remain environmentally friendly in their purchases. Good environmental practices will be noticed by consumers, and your company’s reputation will reflect your efforts.

Here are some ways the automotive industry (and you) can practice green initiatives:

  • Cut back on harmful chemical usage
  • Reuse refine oil and manufactured engines
  • Recycle engine oil, oil filters, car batteries, refrigerant and scrap metal
  • Work with environmentally focused organizations
  • Implement your own sustainability initiatives
  • Come up with innovations such as vehicles that burn less fossil fuel, run on completely biodegradable products and emit less hazardous gases

Practicing environmental responsibility while maintaining a profitable and highly favored company is possible. Nissan created The Nissan Green Program to focus on resource recycling and decreasing carbon emissions. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), known to produce reduced emissions, have also been introduced by Nissan to the North American and Japanese markets. There is also the Nissan Green Shops, a program that involves recycling, energy-saving and the separation of waste at dealerships.

Exercising green initiatives while being a member of the automotive industry is rewarding in every aspect, so why not help the environment in your business? Every action adds up, and the overall outcome and impact on the environment will be very positive.

Copart is also doing its part by implementing sound practices at its locations. For example, we’re purchasing only the latest equipment with the most advanced emissions available on the market. We have also recently removed more than one million abandoned tires from a 36-acre property in San Antonio, Texas. Visit Copart’s website to see what other green initiatives we’ve been doing to help our environment!

How do you help the environment as a member of the automotive industry? Share with us in the comments below!

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