The Rise of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

The process of purchasing a car in the past versus today is quite different, largely due to augmented reality (AR).

Seeing automotive companies utilizing AR and incorporating it into their marketing isn’t surprising anymore. A few years ago, Lexus introduced its 2017 car line with an interactive hologram campaign. Recently, Tesla marketed its new model with an AR mobile app. As you can see, AR is on the rise when it comes to automotive marketing, and there’s a good reason why.

AR is readily available to the billions of users who have smartphones. With AR, customers can view vehicles and vehicle information from wherever they are, at any time and without having to visit the car in person. Customers can even customize the car right on their device and view the customization in real-time.

In the car-buying process, customers currently spend about 15 hours researching and viewing cars online. Even after all those hours, most are still unsure of which car they want until they physically sit in different makes and models. If customers already spend all this time researching online, why not make it interactive and more effective with AR? AR gives customers the experience of sitting in a car without actually having to, delivering an unforgettable digital experience. As a result, the technology helps confirm the consumer’s choice in purchasing a vehicle.

If you’re in the automotive industry, explore the options and utilize the technologies available to us today. Perhaps incorporating AR into your business’ marketing plan is right for you.

Does your business already use AR? Comment and share your AR experience!

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