Keeping Up With Trends on Social Media

Earlier this month, I joined host Eve Mayer on the CMO Go Show in Addison. We tackled marketing topics like trends, the importance of keeping up with trends and why we should work with influencers and enthusiasts.

I also had the opportunity to share what Copart is, the differences between all the Copart branches like CrashedToys, Copart Direct and, how I grew to love marketing, the role marketing team plays at Copart and much more.
There were also fun segments where we shared our favorite ride at Six Flags and played two truths and a lie. Here are my two truths and a lie:
• I’m a big football fan.
• I’ve been on stage with Bon Jovi twice.
• I’ve been flying domestically and internationally by myself since I was 4.
Can you guess which one is the lie?

You can watch the video down below to find out the lie and see everything we’ve discussed. Thank you to the CMO Go Show for having me!


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