Making a Local Difference on North Texas Giving Day

Giving back to our communities and favorite nonprofits is always an aspiring goal, but sometimes we don’t quite know where to get started, and the efforts can end up getting pushed aside or forgotten.

This is where North Texas Giving Day lends a hand!

On September 20, 2018, North Texas Giving Day, one of the largest online donating events, held its 10th annual celebration. Not only does this event provide Copart the opportunity to give back by supporting local nonprofits, but it also helps in uniting us as a team. Over 2,500 nonprofit organizations benefit each year from supportive individual donations across the country, including Copart Marketing Team’s collective contribution of $800!

Copart has given back to the community in more ways than one. Some of Copart’s recent charitable acts, in addition to donations, include writing letters to veterans, Toys for Tots during the Christmas season and Operation FINALLY HOME, which provided a mortgage-free home to a deserving military veteran.

While we look forward to next year’s North Texas Giving Day, our team is excited to participate in upcoming philanthropic events going into 2019.

Keep up on Copart’s charitable giving, catastrophe response and more on Copart in the Community!

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