Get the Most from Your Customer Surveys

“Have a few minutes to take a quick survey?” “We want to hear from you!”

 We’ve all received those requests before – and we know survey feedback can play a major role in our business’ success by improving customer retention, improving a product or service, and, when the insights are put into action, leading to overall growth of the business and customer base. The challenge is producing a survey that dives deep enough to provide actionable insight while working within the average consumer’s limited attention span.

What do you want to know?

Like any successful project, start with a clear goal for the survey to focus your efforts. What are you trying to get out of it?

  • Feedback about a specific product or service?
  • Insight about the experience at a recent event?
  • Opinions and purchase intentions for a new idea?

Once you have a clear goal, you can formulate the right questions by asking, “Does this question give me information to support my overall goal, or is it just interesting to know?” You’re going for actionable feedback, not just “nice to have” information. You can also communicate your goal in the survey invitation, so recipients understand why you’re sending the survey.

Tips for creating your survey

  • Put the important stuff first: Start with meaningful questions related to your survey’s purpose and keep the demographics at the end
  • Think of everything (sort of): Make sure your answer options are exclusive (no overlapping between options for single-response questions) and exhaustive (all possible answer choices are included)
    Bonus Tip! If it’s too cumbersome to account for every answer choice, consider adding an “other” option with the ability to write in more detail, or make the question open-ended
  • Keep it simple: Avoid leading respondents with negative or positive wording; keep your questions objective and offer balanced answer choices (equal number of positive and negative rating options)
  • Keep it (reasonably) short: There’s no ideal number of questions, but be realistic when building your survey and stick to questions that support your survey’s goal
  • Communication is key: Tell the respondents what to expect in the survey invitation as far as how long the survey may take – if it takes a little longer, explain why their feedback is worth the investment or even consider offering an incentive

At Copart, we survey our Members on a regular basis about their experience at various yards or with our different services. We’re able to then use this information to improve our Member service with future interactions or offer new features and functionality to improve the bidding and buying experience. Learn more about how we improve our business via surveys.

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