How Are You Giving Back for National Volunteer Month?

April is National Volunteer Month!

Volunteering is something I am very passionate about. As a volunteer board member for Frisco Youth Theater, I love seeing the positive impact that community theater has on the lives of children and families across North Texas. Other organizations that have my heart are the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation, the ZTA Foundation, Komen for the Cure and North Texas Food Bank.

I want to share an amazing volunteer story of Copart’s very own Greg Adler, Legal Counsel. Greg creates costumes to wear on visits to local Dallas children’s hospitals. He visits children in these hospitals two to four times a month, and more around the Halloween and Christmas holidays.

May Greg’s testimonial video warm your heart and inspire you:

“I think the biggest mistake people make is that they don’t do anything because they can only do a little bit,” says Greg. “You don’t have to build these [elaborate costumes] and take a few days off every month and go visit children’s hospitals to make a difference. You can just volunteer for two hours a year, passing out food at Thanksgiving at the homeless shelter.”

“Just do a little bit. I think if everyone did a little, then a lot more would get done…and make the world a better place.” – Greg Adler

This month, I would like to challenge you to set aside as little as an hour or two to contribute your time to an organization, charity or cause that interests you. You might be surprised by how much you learn about your community, about others and about yourself!

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