Speaking of Success in Business

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking at a ‘Success in Business’ seminar hosted by the Plano Chamber of Commerce. I was joined by a panel of distinguished marketing experts, including Sheila Steinmark of Marketing Operations Group, LLC, and David Lobo, a Digital Marketing/Brand Management Professor from Collin College. Together we covered managing product portfolios, marketing initiatives and social media initiatives among other topics for low, medium and high cost marketing strategies. Check out some of the questions I received during the seminar and my answers below!


Q: What is different in marketing a small business vs. a large business? Is there really much difference?

A: Not much difference besides budget. Either way, you should be fiscally responsible and only spend money where it makes sense. Put aside a small amount to “test” and be “okay” if it doesn’t work out. Then, monitor your “regular” spend for performance adjusting as needed.

Q: It seems like SEO is very expensive. What are you actually doing to improve a site’s SEO? How much is involved?

A: Any company on any budget can do SEO. There are many elements that can help with your search ranking – mobile optimization of your website, content, titles and descriptions on every page, engagement on pages vs. bounce rates (people leaving your site), key words, reviews, external and internal links… the list goes on and on. Yes, it can drive you mad thinking about all the work that goes into building an awesome SEO strategy, however it is worth tackling a little at a time. This is an investment. It might take you six months to get through your “must have” list, but it will be worth it.

Q: How should I go about aligning my business goals with marketing goals?

A: I would say you should align your marketing goals with your business goals. What are you trying to accomplish for your business? Sales yes, but what is the process to get that sale? Brand recognition? Education? Think about your marketing funnel and how it will help you accomplish your goal.

Q: If I have to choose only one type of digital marketing to use, what should I use?

A: I’m big on SEO/Google MyBusiness and reviews like Yelp. I would start there. Then social media and Google AdWords. I love video marketing because you can use it in social media and other places, however you have to have that expertise.

Q: What is the win of digital marketing versus other marketing options?

A: The win is being able to see real time metrics. Billboards are great for branding but are expensive. If you get a good ad rate in a publication that too helps with branding, however these are harder to track the direct results. In digital you can track literally every movement of your customer, where they came from and what they are doing on your site.

Thanks again to the Plano Chamber of Commerce for this opportunity to educate others about the power of marketing in business! I hope I can speak at a seminar like this again in the future. Checkout a short recap of the seminar below!

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