Celebrating Our People, Bake-Off Style

Celebrating our people is an important value to us here at Copart. That’s why our marketing department employees gathered yesterday afternoon to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our annual Valentine’s Day Bake-Off. Four team members brought their delicious homemade treats for the rest of the team to enjoy. Others brought in treats from the store, which weren’t entered into the contest but enjoyed nonetheless. At the end of the day one treat was voted best by the Copart bakers’ peers!

More important than winning amateur cook of the year, however, is finding times to gather together and celebrate. At Copart, we take our jobs very seriously, but we also have some serious fun as well. Whether it’s Valentine’s day or other holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s important to get our team together and celebrate each other’s accomplishments!

The contestants and their treats from left to right: Rishab’s Chocolate Coffee Brownies, Jana’s Caramel Apple Pie, Chris’ Lemon Drizzle Cake and Ashley’s Funfetti Cupcakes. Congratulations to Rishab for winning with his Chocolate Coffee Brownies!

P1033017 copy (1)

P1033006 copy

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