Improving the Customer Experience

shutterstock_559455997How do marketers employ customer experience improvements, why does the customer experience matter to your organization, and how do you begin improving the customer experience for your company? These are questions you should ask yourself if you are a marketing professional or if you are solely interested in propelling your organization forward.

In today’s digital marketplace, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding, and competition is more complex than ever before. Customers now have supplementary options when it comes to choosing which company they prefer to do business with, and many have decided to discontinue using a certain brand or company as the result of a poor customer experience. Companies that fail to emphasize a positive customer experience are being left in the dust, and those placing an emphasis on improving the experience are thriving. As the savvy marketing professional that you are, you should take the right steps to help position your organization for success, and you can start with improving the customer experience.

The Importance of Data

You may be asking yourself, “where do I start?” and “what does this have to do with improving the bottom line?” Collecting, analyzing and understanding consumer data is imperative to satisfying customer demand. This data will allow you to begin an approach that works for both you and your customers. Take the time to collect customer data through employing customer satisfaction surveys, delving into pertinent consumer analytics, and don’t forget to do some digging into what your competitors are doing to improve their company’s customer experience. You may find that they are doing something that will work for your business model, and you should never be afraid to take that idea and make it even better.

Improving Copart’s Customer Experience

At Copart, we are constantly monitoring responses and reviews from our customers, and we are actively updating and improving our website’s features and functionality to ensure that our Members are having the ultimate user experience. Through gathering responses from surveys, comment cards and online reviews, we are able to maximize our exposure to the sentiments of our customers. We then take these responses from the collected data and analyze them to find a way to improve in areas that our customers express a concern with.

The Importance of Reviews

Reviews are vital to the health of an organization’s customer experience. What better way to measure the opinion of your customers than to take their honest likes and dislikes and apply them to the areas that might need improvement?

Currently in the pipeline to help improve our customer experience is a Google Reviews Program. This program is aimed at retrieving real-time feedback from our customers as soon as they complete a transaction. This data will then be used to help us decide what needs further development in our operations, and will also be used to help determine what changes may need to be made in order to help us improve.

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