SEO Works: Here’s the Most Popular Post on

10 Copart Terms SEOSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, has generated a lot of buzz in the last decade as businesses compete to get found in search results. SEO is not just a buzzword, though. It’s real, and it works. Take, for instance, the most popular post on the Copart blog, 10 Copart Terms You Should Know.

Published in January of 2016, this post is our most popular of all time, consistently generating more than 1,000 views per month.

10 Copart Terms You Should Know is anything but fancy. It simply provides the definition for each of the following Copart and/or car auction industry terms:

  • Run and Drive
  • Engine Start Program
  • Enhanced Vehicle
  • Seller Certified
  • Current Bid
  • Pre-Bid
  • Repair Cost
  • Pure Sale
  • On Approval
  • Reserve Price

The value of the content is exemplified by the fact that search engines are the number one referrers of traffic–by a landslide–to

We wrote 10 Copart Terms You Should Know with SEO in mind, but more than that, we wrote it for our prospective and current customers. We know that people who are new to the industry or to auto auctions may need some additional help understanding the jargon they come across on

Time and time again, we’ve found that we’re most successful at SEO when we give our buyers content that solves their problems. Yes, the basics of good copywriting must be followed, but beyond that, we avoid overthinking it.

As the SEO algorithms continue to evolve, the most evergreen content will be that which is meaningful, adds value and relieves pain points.

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