Video Marketing: What are You Missing Out On?

shutterstock_232938910.jpgIn the digital environment that we live into today, it isn’t surprising to learn that 78% of internet users watch videos every week – 55% of those users watch videos daily. Not to mention, 79% of consumer internet traffic will be from videos by 2018 (Insivia, 2017). These statistics further solidify the argument that videos are the marketing vehicle of the future. Since the introduction of smart phones, users literally have the power of the internet in the palm of their hand, so it is only logical that this has progressed into the constant streaming of media. So why does this matter to you as a marketer? Well, most importantly, it means that you have a huge opportunity to reach your target consumer in an exciting way. This also means that you can spend less money while still tracking your ROI.

Depending on your current marketing plan, you may be finding that the marketing avenues that were once successful are quickly losing their momentum. This is the perfect opportunity to hit the pause button and change up the pace with the introduction of video marketing. Video marketing can include educational videos, consumer reviews, a teaser or pre-roll, a tutorial, or a live stream video. These types of videos can be placed on your website, shared via social media, and, specific to pre-rolls, placed in front of other videos.

Videos are cost-effective

Have high prices of traditional marketing been holding you back from reaching your marketing potential? Good news! Video marketing is a more economical, more successful way of getting your message across. For a fraction of the cost you can not only build brand awareness, but you can also generate more quality leads. For a vast majority of the general public, they would rather watch a video on a subject, rather than read text about it. This fact only further drives home that diversifying your mean of marketing is more important than ever.

Where do I start?

If you are new to video marketing, creating a video may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You should begin with an idea or topic in mind that you would like to communicate to your audience, and then, you can begin developing a digital story board for how the video should flow. Don’t forget, an engaging script will also be needed as a foundation for how the video should be narrated. Next, you will need to have the video produced. If you do not have someone in house with this skillset, or the equipment to accommodate, there are several production companies and freelancers available who can offer guidance and produce an awesome video.

Where can I place the video?

Creating a YouTube channel is a free and easy way to share your videos, and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great platforms for disseminating video content. You should also take advantage of placing videos on your company’s website, especially if they are reviews or tutorials that will help your customers become better informed about the products or services you provide. Pro-tip! Always remember to create a catchy headline and description for the video you are sharing – this should be something that captures a consumer’s attention as they quickly skim a web page.

Still not convinced?

Perhaps the greatest advantage videos have over traditional marketing, is the ability to track ROI. According to, Eighty-one percent of businesses have seen an increase in sales, and a 53% decrease in support calls as a result of implementing video marketing. When videos are placed on mediums like YouTube or Facebook, businesses can track video views, likes, how long people are watching videos, and key statics about your audience. Depending on the nature of your website and what analytics tool you utilize, videos present on your site can also be used to track the path of a consumer.  For example, a consumer could be unsure about your product or service, but watching a customer review video may change their mind and help them decide to make a purchase.

No matter what your marketing strategy looks like, you should consider implementing video marketing immediately. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C organization, videos are proving to be a vital vehicle for marketing efforts, and they are becoming more important each year.

How are you using videos in your marketing strategy? Leave me a comment below!


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