Drones & Dealerships: Technology to Promote Your Automotive Business

shutterstock_533991019As we approach the second half of 2017, now’s the time to assess your business strategies and corresponding results for the first half of the year. What has gone well? What hasn’t? As a marketing professional, I encourage you to especially consider your marketing tactics and whether they’ve helped you achieve your lead and conversion goals.

After you spend time reflecting, pivot and look ahead to the next six to seven months. Think about what you could incorporate into your marketing approach that your local competitors haven’t yet start using.

One great piece of technology that is still in its infancy, particularly in the automotive industry, is the drone. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, usually include cameras for the purpose of capturing aerial photos and videos.

Why would I suggest that an auto dealer take advantage of drones? To show off your expansive inventory in a way that promotes your automotive business. Whether you hire a vendor to take drone footage or you buy a drone and learn how to use it yourself, the aerial footage that a drone provides will give you awesome material for your website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. It’s something worth adding to your marketing toolkit as something to try in 2017!

At Copart, we regularly use drone footage for many of our 200+ locations. Most recently, we launched a Copart: Behind the Scenes campaign featuring virtual tours of a few of our locations. Take a look at a couple of our videos, and see if you can identify which frames were captured by drones.

Do you already use drones for your dealership or other automotive business? Please leave a comment and share your drone story, along with a link to the drone-captured photo or video.

Disclaimer: If you plan to fly a drone for commercial use, be sure to consult the FAA’s set of operational rules (known as “Part 107”) to ensure you are compliant with government regulations. Also check out Know Before You Fly’s Business Users’ webpage for a closer look at these rules.

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