Why Surveys are a Vital Marketing Tool

shutterstock_413974087Let’s all take a moment of silence for having the choice to select who we purchase our goods and services from. Having options as a customer is awesome, but for those of us working to market goods and services in a competitive industry, too many options can become a variable of concern. One bad experience can result in a consumer moving on to a different company that might better serve their wants and needs.

We have all experienced poor service at a restaurant, and maybe it was so bad that we promised ourselves that we would never eat there again. This trend is consistent across all industries with businesses that are supplying products or services to consumers. Because we are all such informed and intelligent buyers (am I right?), we watch viral YouTube video rants and read cringe-worthy negative reviews on Google, and most importantly, we take these opinions into consideration when making a buying decision. Therefore I cannot stress this enough, marketers: having satisfied customers is vital to a successful business.

Get to know your customer by using surveys

Many negative interactions can be proactively avoided by companies if they take the time and effort to listen to their consumer base. But where do you start? You begin by getting to know your customers, and you can start doing this through the implementation of a survey program.

Your customers keep the lights on at your company, and the money in your pocket. Why wouldn’t you ensure they have the best experience possible? Surveys are one of the best tools a marketer can employ to truly understand what their target customers are thinking. If you are new to surveys and customer feedback management, your first step should be making sure your customers feel important. Ensuring that their voice is heard is vital to running a lucrative organization.  For example, surveying your buyers after they complete a purchase gives you the opportunity to ask the questions you truly want to know, and most importantly, you can tailor them for the needs of your business.

The importance of survey feedback

Although surveys are very important, what you do with this feedback is even more crucial to the success of your business. When reviewing survey feedback, you will notice that customer trends become very apparent, and whether it is a reoccurring issue with customer service or a faulty product, key decisions can be made based on these responses.

Additionally, surveys aren’t just for deterring potential angry customers, but also a place for new product or service ideas. Buyers can voice their need for a product in a different variation or a completely new product that is missing from your current line. How often have you purchased something and said to a friend, “I like that product, but if it had X, it would be perfect for what I need!”

The value in targeting with surveys

Surveys are also flexible, and they can be tailored and targeted based on who is purchasing an item or what item they are purchasing. For example, if you are testing a new item and want to know if you should continue to produce it, sending a tailored survey to those who purchased the item can help aid in the decision-making process.

Surveys can also be sent as a follow up to keep your brand at the top of a consumer’s mind. With so many options as a consumer, it is easy to get lost in the mix of competing companies. Don’t lose business because you are “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” to a customer.

Do you use surveys in your organization? Leave me a comment below!

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