Recap of the Spring 2017 Copart Marketing Internship Program

As we roll into summer, just a few short weeks away, we are wrapping up our Spring 2017 Copart Marketing Internship Program. Over these last few months, we had the privilege to work with these four talented and hard-working young professionals:

  • Cornel Walton, Marketing Intern
  • Sebastian Piras, Brand Marketing Intern
  • Lauren DePasquale, Content Marketing Intern
  • Allan Torres, Acquisition Marketing Intern

Whether they are staying with Copart for a while longer or heading to their next adventure, the contributions by this group of interns have been incredible, and we’re excited to see what they’ll achieve and accomplish in the next phase of their marketing careers.

Watch this short video to hear about a few of their favorite projects, discover what they learned from their Copart Marketing Internship Program experience, and find out what advice they would give to future interns:

If you would like to join the Summer 2017 Copart Marketing Internship Program, we still have a couple of spots left. Visit Careers at Copart to apply! Follow Copart on LinkedIn to stay up to date with open positions and opportunities, along with company news and announcements.

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