Automotive Product Innovation in an Era of Rapidly Changing Technology

shutterstock_206115790_Mobile-App-Automotive-Technology-InnovationIn 2013, Copart launched its first version of the Copart Mobile App. At the time, I led the branding, marketing and PR efforts for the launch. We celebrated launch day with a headquarters-wide party, complete with a cake that had an edible image of the app.

Enter this quote by business author and speaker Tom Peters: “Never, ever rest on your laurels. Today’s laurels are tomorrow’s compost.”

In this era of rapidly changing technology, it wasn’t enough to develop and launch the Copart Mobile App. And the celebration afterward certainly couldn’t last long. As soon as the app was out of the gate, the Copart Marketing and IT Teams had to continue improving it in order to consistently deliver the best live mobile auction experience to clean and salvage title vehicle buyers.

Fast forward four years later to 2017. The Copart Mobile App is still undergoing updates. Here are the newest features of the app:

  • Upload licenses using the Copart License Uploader
  • Scan bar codes using the new Lot Scan feature to get vehicle details at Copart locations
  • Choose a preferred language with new multi-language options available in the app settings
  • Access updated search filters with the Copart Smart Search tool
  • View vehicle videos and extended notes now available in the app

MobileApp-Facebook (1)

Along with updates to the app, Copart buyers will notice that the latest, mobile-responsive version of the Copart website is 10 times faster than the previous one. That’s a huge gain!

If your business (automotive or otherwise) involves tech-related products, you know the importance of being at forefront of technology. What was innovative yesterday may be old news today. With passion, grit, persistence, hard work and some resources, however, you will stay on the cutting edge of the tech tides and keep your customers coming back for more.

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