The Brand Innovator: Is It Time to Refresh Your Brand Image?

Welcome back, Brand Innovators! Did you know that a brand refresh can often be crucial to preserving a relevant brand?

A brand refresh is much like a fresh haircut, a hip new wardrobe or a facelift. As humans, we all tend to create perceptions about other people based on their physical appearance, and because of this, a makeover or refresh can often contribute to a new perception of a person, or ignite intrigue in those around them.

copart-logo-rgbWhile there are many components that make up the foundation of a brand’s image, let’s focus on a company’s logo. A logo is displayed on the side of your building or hanging above the entrance of your store. It is on your business card, letterheads and receipts, and a logo is one of the most important characteristics through which a consumer makes a connection with a brand. A logo is the face of a company, and an updated logo is that facelift we discussed. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that your brand image creates the right perception for your company.

Let’s discuss how to recognize when it’s time for a brand refresh.

Your Branding is Inconsistent

In recent years, Copart made the move from a dated, clunky logo to the sleeker version that we all recognize today. Yours truly was tasked with choosing the best logo to represent the Copart brand out of a lineup of logos. Did I mention that it was my first week on the job and I was still learning the ropes of the business? No pressure. Once the choice was final, we started out on the daunting adventure of updating all marketing collateral, location assets, and digital marketing platforms. This step was crucial in generating a consistent brand image and helping to minimize or remove any confusion for our target audience. Not only will inconsistent branding confuse your customers, it will also generate the perception that your brand is sloppy and erratic.

Your Brand’s Core Values, Services or Products Have Changed

A brand should be formulated to accurately represent the values, services and products offered by a company. Values, services and products make up the foundation of what a business stands for, but in a constantly evolving global business environment, an organization must also evolve to remain relevant to its customers. Let’s go back to the new Copart logo I was tasked with choosing. When I arrived in my new position, Copart’s patented auction technology was constantly transforming Copart from a salvage auction company into an innovative technology company, and a force to be reckoned with. With the quick-moving technological advancements, the new Copart logo also had to embody this exciting progression. My choice had to be based on the direction the brand was moving in, not where we were coming from.

You Aren’t Reaching the Right Audience

Perhaps your product or service offerings have changed, you aren’t reaching the audience you want to, or maybe you’re ready to move into a new market segment altogether. Regardless, it is very important to change your brand’s image per the latest trends. If your company still has an old logo, it may deter potential customers from doing business with you by creating the perception that you’re stuck in the past. Employ consumer research tactics and surveys, analyze the data, and create a strategy for what type of brand refresh you might be in the market for.

Re-branding efforts will look different for every company. In fact, your company may not need a brand refresh at all. Maybe your messaging and voice need renovating or maybe your logo needs some minor tweaking. Maybe you need a new website or a complete overhaul of all the above. Whatever state your brand image is in, keep these suggestions in mind to and use them as a guide to making the right decision about your company’s brand image.

Until next time, keep up the good work, Brand Innovators!

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