Take Control of Overwhelming Workloads

We live in a digital world. Work is being produced faster and more efficiently than ever before, and we must evolve with ongoing changes in order to keep up. Our days are dedicated to hopping from meeting to meeting, responding to a mounting number of emails and attending to urgent requests. How do we manage our priority projects and cater to ongoing requests when a large portion of our days are devoted to keeping our heads above water?

Let’s discuss 3 ways you can find clarity and relief from the weight of an overwhelming workload.

  1. Understand how to prioritize

    Better yet, understand that you will likely never reach a point where you have accomplished everything on your to-do list, and that’s okay. There is no perfect solution, but you can alleviate unwanted stress by prioritizing projects, ensuring that you are utilizing the functions that a calendar or planner has to offer, and most importantly, exercising discipline and remaining focused. Not sure which of your projects are high-priority? Ask. Your manager will communicate what items on your checklist are most crucial, and you should make note of the hard deadlines you are given.

  2. Know when to say no

    We should all be motivated to put our best foot forward in our professional lives, but if your workload is negatively impacting the quality of the work you are producing, then it’s time to raise your hand and ask for help. If you are becoming overwhelmed by a daunting workload, have done your best to re-prioritize and become organized, but still find yourself sinking, communicate to your manager that you may need some assistance or extended deadlines in order to deliver the desired results. We are all human, and if you are spreading yourself too thin, you are ultimately hurting your organization in the long run. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance or say no when you know that you won’t be able to give it your all. Your manager will thank you for it.

  3. Know when to outsource 

    If your team is short-staffed, or if your company is approaching a busy season, it might be ideal to outsource for certain tasks that could help to lighten your team’s workload. Outsourcing will allow you to bring in resources for seasonal projects, and will also allow you the flexibility to release them when the project is complete. If your stress is the result of high employee turnover, outsourcing will provide a level of certainty to the operational inconsistency and overwhelming workloads that your team might be experiencing.

Let’s face it, positioning yourself as a successful and respected business professional can be challenging, even without the burden of a daunting workload. Whether you’re a new graduate seeking advice on how to enter your new job as a force to be reckoned with, or a veteran in the business world looking for a refresh button, the above tips are a great foundation for professionals seeking to establish more order in their professional lives.

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