The Brand Innovator: The Importance of Awards for Your Brand

Welcome back, Brand Innovators! In the last installment of this series, I discussed the importance of generating valuable brand recognition for your organization. Today I want to have the conversation on why awards and accreditation are so fundamental to developing a credible and successful brand.

Let’s all take a moment to nod our heads in agreement that winning a corporate award is well, pretty sweet. Of course you get the nice ego boost if you helped contribute to the big win, high-fives will be abundantly thrown during the announcement, and let’s face it, that shiny award is going to make a lovely addition to the company’s trophy case. But you should value corporate awards as an influential tool of something much bigger—brand reputation.

Let’s discuss some ways that awards help position your brand for success.

Public Relations

Awards help solidify the perceived professionalism and the quality of a specific organization, instill confidence in both consumers and other companies who might be looking to do business with that organization, and ultimately, awards enhance a company’s reputation as a whole. Think of winning an award as being equivalent to earning a third party endorsement, and news of the award is likely to gain traction with media sources.


I believe that there is significant value in pursuing a career at an award-winning organization. Nobody desires to roll out of bed each morning to trudge all the way to a company that treats its employees poorly, isn’t striving to achieve a greater goal, or fails to produce praise-quality work. You may experience less turnover as an organization, and attract higher-quality, driven professionals if your organization is one worth working for, and one of the best and simplest ways to communicate an organization’s value is through awards.


Whether it be individual, departmental, or company-wide recognition, awards help to create visibility for the entire organization. The more credible employees and departments that help make up a company, the more customers and investors will be attracted to doing business with them. Not only do awards gather eyes for your company, they position you as an award winning leader in your industry, and among your competitors.

Always pursue an opportunity to expand brand awareness. If you see an opportunity to apply for an award that will ignite praise and recognition for your organization, or an individual in your organization, don’t hesitate! Doing so will position your brand as a credible leader and a valuable asset to your industry.

Not sure where to start? Check out my blog, Gaining Exposure with Business Awards, to get a better understanding of how you can contribute to winning awards for your company.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the Brand Innovator Series!

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