Building an Effective LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn has become the go-to avenue for most professionals, including those in automotive, to find out more about potential clients, employers and vendors. To make sure you stand out among those fighting for LinkedIn supremacy, use these helpful tips to make your profile viewers’ (and your own) experience easier and more informative while navigating your page.

Write an Efficient and Succinct Summary

Although your specific job details should be elaborate and detailed, don’t get too bogged down in your overall summary. Your page summary should be concise and efficient, but still give enough information about you that your key accomplishments and professional history/interests are highlighted. Key words within your career or company (marketing or sales, for example) can help improve your rating with search results as well.

Your writing in your profile, as a rule of thumb, should be conversational and in the first person. Think of your profile as an extension of your resume.

Use Multimedia in Your Profile

Using the Professional Portfolio tool, you can add pictures, videos, links, PDFs and more to your profile, not only increasing its visual appeal, but adding content that would otherwise be left out.


Your resume and job history can only use so many words. If there is something you’ve done that is interesting or especially relevant, write as much as you can on the subject. Your readers have probably already read your resume and are looking for information about you, so the more they can get, the better.

Connect as Much as Possible

The more connections you have, the more your profile will be seen, whether through shares, likes, or just regular views. It’s as simple as that.

Organize Your Profile

Prioritize what you want people to see, and post those items at the top of your page. Each item should be engaging, but viewers are still more likely to exit your page at the top rather than the bottom, so make sure they see your best information first.

Post Often and Consistently

Just like with any social media page, frequent posting will increase viewership and shares, growing your following even more.

Frequency of posting should be enough to engage your readers and keep your profile from being stagnant, but also not so much as to oversaturate their feeds with your posts. Posting too frequently will also lead to a decrease in quality of your posts.

Post frequency depends on the field and quality of the posts, but a fair range is between 3 and 5 posts per week to retain viewer engagement.

You should always use social media as a tool to market yourself and, by extension, your company. LinkedIn gives you the ability to accomplish this effectively and professionally. Like many social media tools, consistency and frequency in your use will equal a loyal and growing base of followers. If you follow these few simple tips, your LinkedIn experience will be more fruitful and engaging than ever, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

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