The Power of Corporate Community Involvement


In a piece for Causecast and Forbes, Ryan Scott elegantly described the power of corporate community involvement:

“We all know that doing good is good for business. That’s why many companies that practice corporate social responsibility have established corporate volunteer programs; it allows them to leverage their human capital, their best ‘goods’ of all. Best of all, these programs can produce amazing real-life stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things to impact their communities.”

This past fall, my Marketing Team here at Copart volunteered their free time to write letters of gratitude to our military service men and women.

Most recently, my team (and the company at large) purchased new, unwrapped toys for a Toys for Tots pick-up. Donating to Toys for Tots has become an annual community involvement initiative at Copart, and it’s our hope that this small gesture can help fulfill the mission and goal of Toys for Tots: “Because every child deserves a toy at Christmas.”

This holiday season, I encourage you to find an opportunity to donate your time or resources, whether part of a corporate community involvement initiative or not. After all, “We all know that doing good is good for business.” But more than being good for business, giving to others also does good for the soul.

Happy Holidays!

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