Providing “An Unmatched Experience” through Community Service


At Copart, we believe in making a difference. In fact, it’s embedded in our vision:

To provide an unmatched experience every day and everywhere…driven by our people, process and technology. 

This vision statement certainly applies to online vehicle auctions, but the goal of providing “an unmatched experience” goes far beyond that.

This fall, my Marketing Team led a community service initiative to write and send 100 letters to our troops overseas. I announced this optional initiative at the close of our end-of-year Marketing offsite meeting. In the weeks to come, this project extended throughout our corporate headquarters, with many of our employees contributing personal letters of heartfelt thanks for service to our country.

At the end of October, we counted the letters and realized we’d far surpassed our goal of 100. Collaborating with other Copart departments to write and send letters to our military men and women was truly a joy. I look forward to our next company-wide service initiative!

Keep up with the blog to read about other ways Copart provides an unmatched experience for our customers and employees.

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