Show Your Customers What Goes on Behind the Scenes

Over the years, corporations and large organizations have gotten a bad rap for disregarding questions and concerns of the individual customer or “the little guy.” When corporate policies change and the effects trickle to the consumer, there’s often backlash. And in our digitally-connected society, just one complaint about a business can go viral and spiral out of control.

As business leaders, negative publicity provoked by an angry customer is often out of our hands. It’s not always something we can prepare for or prevent. When it does happen, we simply have to make the best of a bad situation.

As business leaders, here’s what we can do, however: be proactive (instead of reactive) to develop better relationships with our prospects and customers. There are many ways to do this, from more accurate marketing campaign targeting, to customer appreciation events, to “thank you” surveys and emails.

Another way to meet your customers where they are is to show them what goes on behind the scenes where you work. In other words, give them an in-person or video tour of your business! For videos, use your smartphone, or a professional film crew if your budget allows, and interview the CEO, the mid-level manager or the administrative assistant.

The “who” giving the tour isn’t as important as the “what” – the content. Use this opportunity to answer frequently asked questions or to simplify a certain aspect of your business. Remember, authenticity goes a long way toward giving your business or organization an approachable, friendly vibe, so if you’re doing a video tour, don’t try too hard or overproduce it.

The Copart Marketing Team recently launched our own behind-the-scenes video, the first in a series of five virtual video tours. This video features our Copart location in Dallas, Texas, which is managed by General Manager Matt Richards and Assistant General Manager Jeremy Joseph. You can watch the video here:

At Copart, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to develop stronger, more engaging relationships with our new and existing customers. Showing them what goes on behind the scenes at one of our more than 160 locations – without them ever having to leave their home or office – is just one example of how we accomplish that.

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