Copart Customer Spotlight: Auto Recyclers

“So what does your company do?” It’s a question that comes up frequently at business events, family gatherings and informal meetups with old colleagues and friends. When you scratch the surface below the corporate boilerplate, the core business of Copart is automotive auctions, including salvage auto auctions. Which brings up the secondary question of “Who buys all those wrecked cars?”

Although we sell cars to exporters, dealers and others, frequently, the answer to this question is dismantlers. Dismantlers (also known as auto recyclers) are very important to our business. Without these customers and industry partners, thousands of total loss vehicles would not have an efficient way to be recycled. It is the auto recyclers who dismantle the cars, return the viable recycled OEM parts back to the marketplace, dispose of hazardous automobile waste and send the metals to processors who turn the materials back into useful products and eventually, new cars. Today’s licensed auto recyclers are efficient, compliant, environmentally-friendly businesses, and we count on them for a large part of our business as well.

copart auto recycler tradeshowAs a leader in the industry, it’s important to get out into the field and visit with customers in order to determine what your business is doing well and find out what can potentially be improved. Copart is making it a priority to attend, sponsor and exhibit at various auto recycler tradeshows in order to do just that. These shows are also important because the sponsorships go toward industry organizations that benefit everyone in the automotive recycling business through education, training and legislative support.copart auto recycler tradeshow2

By attending events like the Automotive Recyclers Association Annual Convention & Expo and the United Recyclers Group Annual Training Conference, along with several local state shows, we learn more about what parts and vehicles are most valuable to recyclers and how bidding software helps recyclers make decisions. We are also able to gauge the industry climate and determine how customer service can have a big impact on the auto auction business.

Copart will again be exhibiting at the ARA Expo in Baltimore, Maryland, from October 26 through 29. Recyclers and suppliers are welcome to stop by Copart Booth 112 to give feedback and have a conversation about the latest industry trends!

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