Introducing the Copart Marketing Internship Program


This year marked the start of our first-ever formally organized Copart Marketing Internship Program, strategically created for college students and recent graduates eager to bridge the gap between academia and business.

Through hands-on application and complete integration into the Marketing Team, some of the most talented young adults from across the country gain experience across the department to:

  • Help launch global marketing campaigns
  • Brainstorm and execute social media strategy
  • Assist in content management of the company’s ecommerce websites
  • Support internal and external communications initiatives
  • And much more!

Upon completion of an internship with the Copart Marketing Team, our interns walk away with invaluable tools that give them a competitive edge in their future career paths.

In addition to providing tactical experience, we give our interns the valuable opportunity to step outside the office for marketing-related “field trips,” which offer further insights into the marketing industry. Luckily, our Copart Headquarters in Dallas gives us easy access to a variety of companies.

We recently reached out to Greg Clancy, GM/VP Creative of nearby TM Studios, for a chance to tour his office, warmly known as the “Jingle House.” Along with the tour, Greg gave our summer marketing interns insight into how valuable jingles are in traditional advertising. He also discussed the history and current trends in the art of producing jingles. The interns not only furthered their knowledge of the radio industry and jingle production – they also gleaned great advice from Greg about making themselves more marketable and successful in their upcoming job searches.

Take a look below at the photos from the tour:


Our Copart Marketing Internship Program runs year-round! If you know of someone who would be a good candidate for our program, please direct them to our LinkedIn Careers page, where they can search open internship positions and apply.