Getting the Most Value from Your Press Releases

You hear the word press release, and you immediately think the audience is the media. That’s just not the case anymore. The digital world we live in has completely changed what a press release can do for a company. And it’s a change for the better!

When our Marketing Team crafted our external communications strategy, we focused on how we could get the most value out of every announcement. We are experiencing growth across the United States with the addition of new locations and expansions of existing locations. Each of these milestones presents an opportunity for Copart to tell a story, not just about growth, but about Copart’s involvement in the local communities.

When we issue a press release, yes, it goes out to the media, but it also goes on the wire,, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our employee eNewsletter. What does this mean? Our audience is BIG, and the information is everywhere! As we continue to grow and share information about Copart, we are telling our story to everyone: the media, Copart Members, current and potential investors, current and future employees, and anyone who generally wants to know more about Copart.

When we were developing one of our most recent press releases about two new locations in Texas, it was also the same time the Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston areas had been hit by devastating storms. Because Copart is one of the first on the scene when weather hits, there was tie between the new locations and the current efforts our Special Operations Catastrophe Response Team had been doing across Texas.

We integrated the acquisition-related releases and the boots on the ground story going on real-time in Houston. Working to help the community rebuild was the perfect way to close out the story. Telling a story about an acquisition could have been cut and dry. But we were able to tell an even bigger story, and the Dallas Morning News picked it up as a result.

Since this release, we have announced an expansion of an existing location and two new locations in Colorado, our entry into the Republic of Ireland, and a new location in New Hampshire, and we’re not stopping with those. Keep up to date on the latest announcement from Copart by following us on LinkedIn where we share the Copart story daily!