How Your Automotive Business Can ROCK Social Media Day 2016

Social Media Day is this Thursday, June 30th. What does this mean for your automotive business?

In an era where car buyers are doing more auto research online, posting about their purchases, and expecting their local businesses to have an active social media presence, auto businesses are still lagging behind the times.

If you’ve been slow to jump on the social media bandwagon, make Social Media Day the day you put the pedal to the metal. Here’s how your automotive business can ROCK Social Media Day this year – and get a leg up on your competition:

  1. Choose one or two top social media platforms. The world of social media is moving faster than a McLaren F1. Every month a new social media app or site gains momentum and hits the spotlight. Don’t let names like Kik, ooVoo, Peach, or Snapchat overwhelm you and keep you away from social media. Instead, survey your buyers and find out where they hang out online. Most likely, you’ll find that Facebook is their top preferred platform. If that’s the case, make sure your automotive business has an active presence on Facebook. If your buyers make purchase decisions on Instagram, meet them there.
  2. Create a content calendar for the upcoming month. Social media, like any marketing channel, works best when there’s strategy behind the content. Set aside an hour of your time, open a spreadsheet (or grab a pen and paper), and map out your content for the next several weeks. As you’re creating content, use the “WIIFM” principle: What’s In It for Me? No, not Your buyers. Think about how you can solve your buyers’ top problems, and then develop content focusing on solutions to those problems. An advertisement-related post is OK every now and then, but as buyers are researching cars online, they’ll remember your business as the one who provided the most value – as long as you appeal to their needs.
  3. Save time by scheduling posts in advance. If you’re posting the recommended three to four posts per day on Facebook or other social platform, there’s no need to repeatedly log into your account to do so. Instead, use social scheduling apps like TweetDeck or Hootsuite. Using your content calendar, schedule all your posts for the next two to four weeks.
  4. Monitor social media and respond to questions. Social media is not a “set and get” experience. In other words, you can’t expect results if you schedule posts but neglect to participate in the live conversation. Your prospective buyers use social media channels to ask questions and even post the occasional complaint. Stay on top of the conversation, and watch prospects turn into paying customers as your brand reputation improves.
  5. Try paid ads. Many automotive businesses are seeing success with paid social advertising, especially on Facebook. Only about 2.6 percent of Facebook posts are ever seen in the News Feed. It’s important, even with a budget of as little as $10 per week, to get some paid advertising out there to boost views of your content. There’s a bit of a learning curve in setting up Facebook ads, but once you get the hang of it (and decide on a small budget), you’ll be off to the races.
  6. Track results and measure progress. Social media is one of the easier advertising channels to measure return on investment. That’s because most social media sites and apps have built-in analytics so you can review what’s working and what’s not.
  7. Outsource your social media. If all else fails, consider outsourcing the management of your social media accounts. Whether you work with a small marketing agency or hire a tech-savvy assistant, the important thing is that you keep an active social media presence.

When it comes to social media, it’s better late than never! I invite you to follow Copart on social media:

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